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Following quickly on the heels of Star Wars 4K77, Our 4K scan of Return of the Jedi needed far less work and is available now at both 1080p and UHD resolution! Bonus features include 16mm print versions of From Star Wars to Jedi and Classic Creatures - Return of the Jedi.

Here is a little teaser trailer we put together for you, using exclusive footage from the project:

thumbnails from Project 4K83 - Return of the Jedi

Here is a sneak peek at what Reel 7 looks like - Spoiler Alert! It does kind of give away the ending!

Here is a comparison in resolution between the best official theatrical version available (GOUT) and 4K83. I don't remember if this frame was from the final CC or not. Posted for size comparison only. The GOUT is 278 pixels high. 4K83 is 1632 pixels high (not including black bars).

Resolution comparison, DVD to UHD

As requested, a DNR Version of project 4K83 is now available:


shows detail of No DNR version - lots of color noise


shows detail of DNR version - color noise is gone

Thumbnails from the UHD MKV Version of 4K83, with DNR

The DNR version is available as a 2160p UHD MKV, a 1080p HD MKV and a 1080p Bluray ISO with menus.

For more information about Tn1's 4KXX series, please join the forums.

When a film is professionally scanned in 16-bit color as DPX image files, every single frame weighs in at 100 MB. With upwards of 175,000 frames in each film, a complete scan requires about 21 TB of storage (42 TB if you want a backup copy! And then you need at least another 21 TB of space to work on it - over $1000 just in hard drives is therefore required for every film). Having the film cleaned prior to scanning costs another $870 (plus about $75 shipping each way) and then the scanning costs between $2000 and $15,000, depending on where you send it. And this is all excluding the cost of buying the prints (the Star Wars LPP was $2000, the latest Empire print was $5000). So please do consider donating. It all goes into an account used only for funding these projects.

The Star Wars Special Edition restoration cost 20th Century Fox an estimated $20 million, but it earned them $138 million at the box office in 1997. So far this restoration (including money spent on 4K77) has cost TN1 a little over $16,000, but sadly there can be no box office receipts or DVD/Bluray sales to refill our bank accounts when it's all done.

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A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

Last Updated: 7/3/2019

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