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The Star Wars Trilogy

A Digital Star Wars Scrapbook.

Project 4K83

More details on the project Coming Soon... Unlike 4K77, this project should take months rather than years. Here is a sneak peek at what Reel 7 looks like already.

thumbnails from Reel 7 of Return of the Jedi

When a film is professionally scanned in 16-bit color as DPX image files, every single frame weighs in at 100 MB. With upwards of 175,000 frames in each film, a complete scan requires about 21 TB of storage (42 TB if you want a backup copy! And then you need at least another 21 TB of space to work on it - over $1000 just in hard drives is therefore required for every film). Having the film cleaned prior to scanning costs another $870 (plus about $75 shipping each way) and then the scanning costs between $2000 and $15,000, depending on where you send it. And this is all excluding the cost of buying the prints (the Star Wars LPP was $2000, the latest Empire print was $5000). So please do consider donating. It all goes into an account used only for funding these projects.

The Star Wars Special Edition restoration cost 20th Century Fox an estimated $20 million, but it earned them $138 million at the box office in 1997. So far this restoration (including money spent on 4K77) has cost TN1 a little over $10,000, but sadly there can be no box office receipts or DVD/Bluray sales to refill our bank accounts when it's all done.

Donate with PayPal - it

A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

Progress (Reel by Reel cleanup, stabilization, etc.) 









Last Updated: 7/5/2018

More updates, videos and samples coming soon!

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