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12. April 2013 07:48
by jedi1

Starlog #6

12. April 2013 07:48 by jedi1 | 0 Comments

Printed in June 1977, this 6th edition of Starlog magazine gave readers a quick peek at a new movie called 'Star Wars'. I believe it was also the first (of many!) issues to include a readers letter about the film.

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Star Wars

... I have just finished reading Star Wars by George Lucas, and I remembered reading in STARLOG that Twentieth Century Fox was making the movie. Could you please print an article on the special effects of Star Wars and perhaps a few stills from the movie? Keep up the good work.

Dave Fanes Toronto, Canada

STARLOG is beginning its coverage of Star Wars in this issue (see Log Entries, page 9), and will continue with a full scale spectacular in issue No. 7, including behind the scenes photos and,

of course, lots of color.


Star Wars, scheduled for release this June, is a massive, sprawling spectacle of galactic repression, rebellion, and intrigue; featuring robot, human, and alien heroes,-a captured Princess, larger-than-life villains, and an ancient, mysterious technique for working one's will, known simply as "the power." There are also more spaceships of different designs and functions than have ever appeared before in one film, including a planet-sized battle machine aptly named the Deathstar.

Pictured on this page are two pre-production paintings that can only start to suggest the scope and action of this grand-scale space opera.

Star Wars is a 20th Century-Fox Production.
Above: The scene depicted here is of an imminent confrontation between the forces of rebellion and those of repression. On the left are the young farmer-turned-galactic-hero, Luke Skywalker, and some of his fellow rebels—the barbarous-looking alien giant is called a Wookie. The deadly weapon being held by one of the rebels is a light sword or laser-sabre. The group is about to confront a squad of robot guards, also equipped for close-quarters fighting.

Below: You are looking out through the cockpit window of one of the various space-fighters designed for the film. The "metal planet" that is partially in view is the awesome Deathstar itself. The action is part of a spectacular space battle that occurs near the end of the movie. We don’t want to give too much away before you’ve had the chance to see this one for yourselves. However, next issue (coinciding with the movie’s premiere) we will be running a full feature on Star Wars, complete with color stills and behind-the-scenes information.

Photos: © 20th Century Fox

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