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24. June 2013 05:08
by jedi1

Gong - German Star Wars Photo book

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I don't see any publish dates, but I believe this German collectible dates back to 1985 or 1986, based on the phrase "'Krieg der Sterne' der vor acht Jahren" which means "'Star Wars' of eight years ago".  Star Wars was released in Germany in February of 1978. I'm pretty sure that each issue of Gong magazine that followed contained only one or two pages of the story, so you had to collect the weekly publication for months (years to collect all three photo novels) to get the whole set, which makes a complete collection pretty rare. Look out for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi 'Foto-Romans' in future posts...

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Gong - Krieg Der Sterne Film-Foto Roman

In this issue start collecting Star Wars, the big photo book.

"Children need fairy tales, adults too. This film is the greatest space adventure ever told..." Critics were euphoric about the Science fiction spectacular Star Wars eight years ago which was a sensational success.

An amazing film set in a distant galaxy with amazing battles between spaceships, a fateful duel with laser swords and sensational special effects. The main roles: Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. "Star Wars," "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" are back in theaters this holiday season. Collect all three strips as a completed film photo-novel ...


A boy with a clear vision of manhood and the road he must travel to attain it, Luke Skywalker is an exemplar of the spirit of adventure that lives in many men and women—and fades and dies in many more.

A moisture farmer by trade, a space pilot by inclination, Skywalker is swept into cataclysmic conflicts beyond even his own wildest visions, as he finds him-self a key to the destruction of Imperial forces personified by the deadly Darth Vader—the man who killed Luke’s father.

Luke is scared but dauntless, unsure but determined, skilled but with much to learn. His victories surprise and delight him, add to his sense of accomplishment, contribute to the man he is becoming.

Top: Luke Skywalker aboard the Millennium Falcon doing battle with me Imperial forces. Above: Luke contemplates his future outside his Uncle's farm on Tatooine.


The roguish Solo—smuggler, pirate and entrepreneur— retains, through his cynicism, a capacity for friendship—though it seems his mercenary heart will lead him to abandon the rebel cause just when he is most needed.

Daring, bold—and gallant deep down where it counts—Solo is every person’s hope that in an intolerable society, one can not merely survive but flourish— though it takes circumventing the established order to do so.


She will never knowingly betray her people,” says her murderous but admiring enemy. He sums up her conspicuous strength: moral certainty. Her cause is absolutely right; therefore her efforts on its behalf are audacious and unceasing.

Freedom for the Galaxy takes precedence over even her own survival; and she brings grim courage and a bright intellect to her dangerous tasks.

Top: Han Solo, the heroic mercenary, aboard his ship, the Millennium Falcon. Above: Luke and Leia on the edge of the power shaft.


Old Ben—as he’s known on Tattoine (sic) —is the last remnant of a once-great league of avenging Jedi Knights; he is, likely, their greatest member.

Presumed dead, in hiding, he has yet enough strength and cunning to answer a final call to action. Valiant still, he leads his young friends into battle—though it means his death.

Right: Obi-Wan on the Deathstar with light sabre at ready. Below: Ben Kenobi and Lake thread their way through the streets of Mos Eisley Spaceport.

[Source: Gong Magazine, donated by a friend of]

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