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Nintendo Power - Super Return of the Jedi

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Generally regarded by most people as the weakest movie in the original trilogy (which is not to say it is bad, just that the others are better), Return of the Jedi usually produces the weakest video game adaptation, and Super Return of the Jedi is no exception. Perhaps it is simply that the game play so similar to the first two games that a feeling of 'been there, done that' is creeping in. In any case, unlike the first two videogames, Super Star Wars and Super Empire Strikes Back, Nintendo Power did not think Super Return of the Jedi worthy of the front cover of their December '94 magazine. However, they did devote 8 pages to detailing the game play of this last videogame in the original trilogy.

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Trust in the Force

The force behind Super Return of the Jedi-may not be as mysterious as the life force that permeates a particular galaxy far, far away, but it is just as powerful. The third game in JVC's series follows in the bantha-prints of the first two. Taking on the roles of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and Wicket, you’ll fight through Jabba's Palace, fly speeders through the forests of Endor, leap between the trees of Wicket's village and attack the new Death Star in the Millenium Falcon. The variety of stages is incredible, but so are the graphics and sound.

A Galaxy of a Game

If you’ve battled the Empire in either of JVC’s two previous Super Star Wars games, you already know that they provide great adventure and challenge. Roughly following the story of the movies, each game takes you through hardcore, side-scrolling action, fast Mode 7 flying and variations of both types of game play. Super Return of the Jedi does all that but also includes more characters and more variety. The challenge remains but you’ll find areas where you don’t have to work quite as hard to survive, and where you can load up on 1-Ups, Health Swords and other Power-Ups. Great cinema scenes, a password feature and awesome sound wrap up this gift. What about Weaknesses?

The most notable problem is that characters tend to bounce after jumping. Controlling them takes patience and precision. The difficulty of the game can also be frustrating at times, but this review will share some secrets that will help even novice rebels win through.

Heroes of the Rebellion

Resistance is not useless. These tireless warriors of justice are your means of defeating the Empire. The pre-selected character in each stage may have a special skill making him or her ideal for that area, but, sometimes the character is selected because they appeared there in the movie. In most cases, Luke has an easier time of it than his companions. His Force Powers give you a great advantage.

Luke must prove himself as a true Jedi by leading the assault against the new Death Star. His Force Powers give him a special edge. but his spinning lightsaber attack is also formidable.

Leia appears in many guises in Super Jedi: disguised as a bounty hunter, wrapped in Jabba’s flimsy slave clothes, and suited up as a soldier. Her attacks change with each change of costume.

Han Solo
Han, once he is dethawed in Jabba’s Palace, provides superior blaster power if you choose him. He is always a solid choice, but you can only use him in limited areas.

Chewie is big and strong, but his special Spin Attack is awesome in close quarter Fighting. Make sure you watch the Spin Meter. Each spin deflates the Spin Meter and limits Chewie's spinning.

You can only use Wicket once you get to Endo,. but he is the perfect hero for fighting in the trees. He shoots little arrows that do an amazing amount of damage.

When you control Luke, you can use five Force powers: the Saber (boomerang effect) Deflect (blocks shots) Freeze (freezes foes) Vanish (enemies can’t see Luke) and Heal (refills Health Sword.)


To avoid detection, Princess Leia disguises herself as Boussh, a bounty hunter, as she crosses the desert canyons to Jabba’s palace. Her main weapon is a pole, but her ability to spin while wielding the pole makes her attack very powerful. This area spreads out both above and below the level where you begin. In certain areas you can find endless 1-Ups and give yourself enough lives to survive anything.


Repeatedly attack these dragon-like enemies and their eggs to win Power-Ups and bonuses galore. A few swipes of your pole or sword will end this dragon's threat Collect goodies from the egg.


Continue down, then left (see the maps on the back of the poster) to find the R2D2 continue and Power-Ups. You'll find Speed-Ups. Health Swords and more. Keep going left and down.


From the second R2D2. head down and to the right. You’ll find a 1-Up within fairly easy reach. When you find a flying creature, jump on its back. From it, take a blind jump to the right where you’ll land on another creature. Another jump to the right reveals more 1-Ups.


The entrance to Jabba’s Palace is guarded by a large machine that pops out of two holes and greets guests with bolts of lightning and a smashing attack. If you’re using Leia, you can hit the Gatekeeper as it emerges from either hole, or use your spinning attack when it’s not shooting lightning. Luke’s lightsaber makes attacking this guardian much easier.

Last Tango on Tatooine

Jabba's dance hall is filled with unsavory types like bounty hunters and Gamorrean guards. It also has lots of Power-Ups. Leia’s spinning attack may be the best suited to this area. Keep spinning at all times. Attack the grasping guards from the back.


Use Leia’s double spin to leap up at the lighs when they smash down. You’Il find Health Swords to lengthen your life meter. You’ll need it to get past the Gamorrean pig guards.


Use the spinning attack to get past the dancer and rescue Han from the carbonite freeze. The dancer vanishes, then reappears firing shots. Spin downward to attack the dancer's back. Luke is the best hero here.

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Suggested Retail Price..........N/A

Release Date...................November 1994

Memory Size....................16 MB

Game type......................Adventure for one player

Luke and his rebel companions must rescue Han from Jabba the Hutt, infiltrate the forest moon of Endor then attack the new Death Star. Like the two previous Super NES Star Wars games, the action includes side-scrolling areas and Mode 7 flying areas plus music from the movie and digitized cinema scenes that link each stage and convey the story. This month’s review reveals some of the secrets of this distant galaxy.

Pros: Excellent variety of play, graphics, sound and story. More characters than previous games in series. Password.

Cons: Play control has same faults as earlier Star Wars games: hit detection off in some areas. Uneven challenge—some areas are too easy while others are very challenging.

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[Source: Nintendo Power #67, December 1994 P.29-36, 109]


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