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1. July 2015 14:11
by jedi1

Stars And Wars

1. July 2015 14:11 by jedi1 | 0 Comments

This looks interesting. Already on sale in Europe, it arrives in the US in September.

Stars And Wars

Art director draws on past experiences

Release Date: 1 June

167 pages | Hardback

Author: Alan Tomkins

Publisher: The History Press

In a career spanning 50 years, Alan Tomkins served as art director on more than 100 films, including Lawrence Of Arabia, Cleopatra, six Bonds, two Batmans and one Star Wars (the best one). Of the 20 or so movies highlighted in this memoir – complete with Tomkins’s own on-set photographs – around half a dozen pass the SFX test, including a memorable chapter on 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which Stanley Kubrick proves to be as exacting a taskmaster as you’d expect. Indeed, it’s thanks to Kubrick there are no production drawings to accompany the text, as the director ordered them all to be destroyed on the film’s completion. Of his work on The Empire Strikes Back, meanwhile, Tomkins recalls a memorable trip to Norway – doubling for Hoth – where the weather was so bad they ended up shooting scenes in a snowdrift at the hotel. Light on anything you might call gossip (in a typically devilish foreword, Oliver Stone rebukes the author for his buttoned-up Englishness), this is nevertheless an engaging, handsomely illustrated peek behind the flats of some of the most iconic movies ever made.

Paul Kirkley

Photos: Filming Empire, a snowplough driver was bribed with vodka to collect Harrison Ford, who was trudging to the location on foot. / A snowspeeder under construction in Norway. / Fitting Anthony Daniels into his C-3PO suit. / The 30-ton centrifuge set from 2001.

[Source: SFX Magazine #262, Summer 2015, P.108. Copyright © 2015 SFX MAgazine.]

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