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20. January 2016 11:28
by Team Negative One

Here's what people are saying about Team Negative One's Star Wars Silver Screen Edition

20. January 2016 11:28 by Team Negative One | 0 Comments

"I've finally had some time to review your project fully and I have to tell you... it's truly a remarkable thing. What you have done is important and noble and absolutely essential to the survival of film history.  I only hope that somehow you can get this version of STAR WARS into the hands of as many fans and film historians as humanly possible.  They NEED to see this.  They need to OWN this.  Future generations need it.  And if they can see it as I have seen it, in what appears to be a pretty pristine digital Blu-ray copy, you will have helped to change the world in a very important way.  I know there are a myriad of legal problems associated with something like this, so the channels are often murky and difficult to navigate... I can't imagine the legal dogs of Lucasfilm and Disney not taking some sort of offense.  (Though if I were them, I'd take a cue and work hard to match such efforts, in order to give the people what they want---I mean, it seems like if the FANS can do it, THEY could do it too, but whatever.)

This project is extraordinary... You should be very proud.  You've managed to preserve the experience of seeing STAR WARS in 1977 in a very real and tactile way, by using the power of FILM.  It's just amazing.

The younger generation, particularly if they are filmmakers, will have to agree that this is an important watershed moment to study and respect.  Without STAR WARS, there would be no future of "tent pole movies" and big time visual effects as we know it now.  This is the important thread of history that Lucas himself has so short-sightedly tried to re-write, along with everything else in the STAR WARS universe, which is not just sad for us older guys, but downright irresponsible for everyone else.  What he's never seemed to realize is that, above all other factors, STAR WARS was a game changing thing and MUST BE PRESERVED, in the same way any other old, important film must be preserved.  While it is Lucas's right to "improve" on those films artistically, the originals MUST be left to posterity, the same way Ridley Scott and others have left their old films, alongside the director's cuts. Plus, with high def 4k taking over the industry, it's also important to preserve the theatrical experience of really ANY film made in that era. 

It's all amazing, and noble as all hell. You guys are truly heroes.

May the Force . . . well, you know."

“I watched a movie from 1977 look like a movie from 1977 is supposed to today, with my mouth literally agape. This is one of the most significant, applause-worthy works of film restoration I've ever seen.”

"TN1, your efforts are incredible. As a child of the (late) '80s, I had to settle for grainy 4:3 VHS tapes, Special Editions, and subpar DVDs. I never had the chance to see the Original Trilogy in theaters, but you’ve given me the joy of that experience. The grain, the matte lines, the imperfections-- I LOVE IT."

"Just wanted to say your work is appreciated! Gorgeous transfer! I love feeling like I’m in a cinema watching a film for the first time, and this one delivers the goods! Great work!"

I’ve now had the chance to watch this from start to finish and wow, just wow! The most apt word I can think of to describe this is GORGEOUS! I cannot express how happy this has made me or how appreciative and grateful I am for all the work and efforts of Team -1!

"Wow. I was expecting something like an upgraded Puggo Grande. What you've achieved is something which would satisfy me and I think a lot of other fans if Lucasfilm put it out tomorrow on Blu-ray as the 'Original version as seen in 1977'. Well done."

"Mind blown. Amazing work."

"The final result is nothing short of awesome."

And one of my personal favorites:

"...the GOUT DVD, looks BETTER than this. The problem of course is scanning a crap quality dirty faded scratched print."

Thanks to everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response.

-Team Negative One


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