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3. February 2016 20:49
by Team Negative One

Tutorial, Stabilization with PF Clean

3. February 2016 20:49 by Team Negative One | 0 Comments

Stabilizing in PF Clean PLEIn this video, we use the Personal Learning Edition of PF Clean to demonstrate some of the ways you can stabilize footage using this software. If you watched our "How to clean up Team Negative One's Grindhouse Empire Strikes Back" video, you may recall that I simply dropped the auto stabilize effect into the stack and boom, the clip stabilized. It's important to realize that it's not always going to be that simple:

Ordinarily, we would crop the soundtrack and sprocket holes before beginning any clean up, but by leaving it all in place it allows us to easily demonstrate some of the issues you may face in your real world usage. For example, after adding the areas and doing the manual stabilization, having the soundtrack in place makes it very obvious what is wrong at the end of the clip because it is a bright white line moving across the screen. If we had cropped it off, the same thing may still have happened, but black on black would make it harder to see. (I have seen the same sort of thing happen in many scenes in the film, but this just illustrates it perfectly.)

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