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4. February 2016 22:35
by Team Negative One

70mm Empire Strikes Back in 4k

4. February 2016 22:35 by Team Negative One | 0 Comments

Download our raw scan of The Empire Strikes Back 70mm in 4k right here:

70mm Empire Strikes

Yes, you read that right, But before you get too excited, I should point out that we only have about 5 seconds of the film.

Actually we may have a few more seconds from other parts of the film too, but only fragments. However, I wanted to post what we do have for a number of reasons. Firstly, it shows that we now have the equipment to scan a 70mm print (including the magnetic and optical audio tracks) so if you happen to have a 70mm print of Star Wars sitting in your garage that you don't know what to do with, please let us know!

Secondly, there has recently been some debate on about how Star Wars may look if we could capture it from 70mm film instead of 35mm. Most people agreed that it would be faded red, that the grain would be smaller than on the 35mm print, and that there would be a little cropping from the sides; and this snippet of film certainly supports all of these claims. Our clip is in pretty bad shape, but has yet to be cleaned with film guard, and I'm curious to see if Dr. Dre will be able to restore the color using his magic toolbox.

Click the image below to visit

Update: And the color information is apparently still there (color restored by NeverarGreat):

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