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7. July 2016 16:51
by jedi1

Star Wars 1981 Crawl Restoration Demo part 1

7. July 2016 16:51 by jedi1 | 0 Comments

descriptionIn this informative tutorial you'll learn how to use motion trackers, stabilization, Find Edges, Threshold, Paint Bucket, Auto Trace, Masking, Shape layers, precomposition, and much more! I'm slowly working my way through hours of screen capture footage from Team Negative One, editing it down into what I hope to be useful tutorials. While I doubt many of you will be attempting this kind of film restoration any time soon, the techniques used can be applied to all sorts of other projects...

Why restore the '81 crawl? Well, because it is the version of the crawl we all grew up watching on TV, VHS, Betamax, Laserdisc, CED and at cinema re-releases in the '80s. It is also different to the '97 crawl. Not only does the Star Wars logo recede much more slowly, the starfield is unique (it is actually part of a starfield used in The Empire Strikes Back - presumably the starfield created for Star Wars was no longer usable and to most people, one star field looks much like another. I guess Star Wars fans though are not like most people. In 1997, for the Special Edition, the 1977 starfield was restored, but the 'Episode IV / A New Hope subtitle remained, and the Star Wars logo races away at double time. (Strangely, on the Spanish version of the crawl, the logo still moves at the much slower pace of the original film (and the 1981 version)).

Next time, we'll tackle the Pan Down which is considerably easier, and then the Flyover, which is even more challenging...

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