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16. October 2016 09:40
by jedi1

Announcing Project 4K77

16. October 2016 09:40 by jedi1 | 0 Comments

Here is a look at the latest completed shot. We are on Reel 1, shot 40 and the source for this shot is a faded red Eastman reel, with an assist from an upscaled Silver Screen Edition and color by Technicolor (courtesy of Dr. Dre and his tools). It is probably harder to see compressed for the web, but the "Final Render" frame has been denoised and regrained using Neat Video 4. So the 2 versions will be Color Correction and Final Render.  (Note: Cropping is for illustration purposes only and is not final, both versions will be correctly cropped to 2.39:1)

[Mouse over the tabs, and click any image to enlarge]

Screenshot 0 - click to Enlarge

Screenshot 1 - click to Enlarge

Screenshot 2 - click to Enlarge

Screenshot 3 - click to Enlarge

Screenshot 4 - click to Enlarge

Screenshot 5 - click to Enlarge

More updates, videos and samples coming soon! Visit the main project page.

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