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The Star Wars Trilogy

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20. January 2017 00:03
by jedi1

The Star Wars Cover Archive

20. January 2017 00:03 by jedi1 | 0 Comments

Over the last 15 years or so I have amassed quite a collection of fan made custom Star Wars DVD covers. Most of these were made to house the fan produced efforts at preserving the Original Trilogy, such as the early laserdisc captures by Cowclops, TR-47, Editdroid, Dr. Gonzo, and Rowman. While the preservations have mostly moved on to Blu-rays now, these fan produced covers may prove inspirational to the next generation of preservationists and Star Wars cover artists, so I have started uploading them all to create an archive.

I still have some more to upload, including the prequel trilogy covers and poster art, fan edits and of course the newer films, but there should be enough there already for you to find something of interest, so feel free to browse and download at your leisure:

Star Wars DVD Cover Archive

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