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14. August 2017 15:51
by jedi1

Adywan's ESB revisited released

14. August 2017 15:51 by jedi1 | 0 Comments

Almost a decade in the making, this new fan edit of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back features all new CGI and practical effects built around painstakingly hand crafted miniatures, Adywan's new take on Empire Strikes back is the Extra Special Edition Lucas wishes he could have made. We'd argue that it's worth watching for the color correction alone! Revisited is just packed with new effects. We don't want to spoil it for you, but check out the sample frame in this comparison with the official Bluray:

Now you may be wondering why this site, which does so much to preserve and promote the original versions of these films, would be at all interested in what is essentially another Special Edition. Well the truth is we don't hate the Special Editions. There are things about them that we certainly don't like, such as Greedo shooting (and missing) Han Solo from 2 feet away, unfunny CGI dinosaur/Jawa antics, the Jabba the Hut Scene and CGI rocks; but ultimately it's not the changes that bother us - it's the fact that Lucas denies us the choice of which version we can watch. We'd have no problem if every DVD/Bluray version of the original trilogy included both the 1977/80/83 versions and the 2011 Special Editions, but sadly, they do not.

Adywan's Star Wars Revisited really didn't interest us much when it came out in around 2007, because at the time we were far more concerned with trying to preserve the original version of the film than with enjoying yet another new take on it, but now that we know the original versions are being preserved in 4k (by the fans at least, if not by Lucasfilm), it's finally time to appreciate all of Adywan's hard work. It's also worth noting the fact that, over the last decade, both the available software and Adywan's skill set have improved considerably, both of which make the changes being made to The Empire Strikes Back much more impressive than those made to Star Wars in A New Hope revisited.

Where can you find it? Well as usual, we wish we could just provide you with a direct download link, but unfortunately our legal department won't let us do that so unfortunately you're going to have to hunt for it. You're looking for a 7.58 Gb file called ESB_REVISITED_720P_x264.mkv, which should become easier to find over the next few weeks as more and more fans share it, but, since it only came out this weekend, it's probably a little harder to find at the moment - but it is out there! Here are some tips that should help you find it...

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